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    11. April 2016 11:38:22 CEST

    Hi all!

    I'm Paul Black from - international affiliate network.

    Nice to meet you all!

    I'm here to answer all the questions about us or maybe to help with any issues.

    Cheers to all and have a nice day! :)

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    12. April 2016 10:14:04 CEST

    Hi Paul,

    welcome to AP. Wasn´t here yesterday so answer is a little late :D

    I´m pretty sure there will be questions, if you wanna know anything about our site(s), just lemme know. (check out in the meantime - might be interesting for you, one of our other sites)

    Chers :)

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    12. April 2016 13:14:54 CEST

    Hi Martin! 

    Nice to meet you.

    I'm already speaking with Jonathan from 100pp :)